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Symposium for Space Life Science Lecture Series

This online series of lectures highlighting areas of space life sciences features presentations by current and former NSBRI researchers.

These lectures will give students and teachers a better understanding of health risks associated with long-duration spaceflight and a glimpse of the research efforts by NSBRI researchers to protect astronaut health during missions.

While solving a variety of health issues for those traveling in space, NSBRI research also is leading to treatments for patients suffering from similar conditions on Earth, such as osteoporosis, muscle wasting, shift-related sleep disorders, balance disorders and cardiovascular system problems.


Bone Loss with Space Exploration
Susan A. Bloomfield, Ph.D.

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Lawrence A. Crum, Ph.D.

Sleep and Daily Rhythms
Charles A. Czeisler, Ph.D., M.D.

Radiation Effects
Ann R. Kennedy, D.Sc.

Eating in Space: Does Nutrition Matter? – The Importance of Optimal Nutrition to Long Duration Spaceflight
Joanne R. Lupton, Ph.D.

Maintaining Muscle Mass in Space – Seeking Countermeasures to the Deleterious Effects of Space Travel on Skeletal Muscle
Kenneth M. Baldwin, Ph.D.

Sleep and Human Performance
David F. Dinges, Ph.D.