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Partnering with NSBRI

The NSBRI and NSBRI Industry Forum are currently seeking visionary investment partners on behalf of our researchers and private sector partners. Supporting the workforce of the future and US small businesses is the guiding principle of the Industry Forum and we are looking for investors to complement our efforts. We engage in win-win public-private partnerships with investors and venture capitalists interested in space, technology, and in building for the future.

Why Invest?

NSBRI Industry Forum is composed of an extensive network of influential thought leaders and experts who support US small businesses in their journey down the commercialization path while simultaneously supporting and advancing NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) and healthcare everywhere. The NSBRI offers a unique opportunity to partner with a non-profit organization funded by NASA, and supported by 12 leading academic institutions. NSBRI serves as a home and knowledge center for its extensive network of collaborators across organizations and across the globe, bridging the gap between space and Earth and also among space-faring nations. We are seeking partners to share and widen that network.

Catalyzing Innovation

The Institute is a gateway to major medical and academic institutions. NSBRI invites world-renowned scientists, clinicians, educators, astronauts, and business experts to participate in leading space biomedical research projects. These groups share knowledge that assists with safeguarding the lives of humans in space; career development activities for space life scientists; and helps to propel US small businesses down the technology commercialization path through ongoing advisement, funding, and mentorship activities. In doing so, NSBRI encourages a culture of knowledge sharing that catalyzes innovation.

Minimizing Risk, Strengthening Products

The Institute works to minimize risk for our investment partners through a rigorous vetting by our Steering Council (links to full list of Steering Council members) and ongoing mentorship/ marketing activities for chosen US small businesses with products of interest to NSBRI, NASA, and our partners. NSBRI funded products are operational and being used in the market, some of which are being tested aboard the ISS and/or in clinical settings.

If you are interested in learning more about a potential partnership, in co-funding a project or providing follow-on funding for one of NSBRI’s partners, please contact Dorit Donoviel, Ph.D, Deputy Chief Scientist and Industry Forum Lead.