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First Award Fellowship

NSBRI’s First Award Fellowship provides support for academically talented young scientists to conduct space-related biomedical or biotechnological research that aligns with the Institute’s goals. This fellowship offers young scientists the opportunity to manage their own space-related biomedical research project while continuing to learn from an experienced faculty mentor. Read More.


NSBRI Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Jocelyn Songer’s research project is looking at new ways to evaluate inner ear trouble. The inner ear contains both the organs that sense sound and the organs that sense balance.

Career Advancement Award

The Career Advancement Award provides funding for investigators who have completed some post-doctoral training, preferably as new tenure-track (or comparable) junior faculty appointees. Eligible applicants will have completed all academic requirements, and/or residency (if applicable) by the beginning of the award period. Read More.

Space Medicine Clinical Residency Training Program (SMCRTP)

The SMCRTP was implemented within the University of Texas Medical Branch/NASA-JSC Aerospace Medicine Residency Program in 2009 to provide research and training opportunities for aerospace medicine residents early in their careers. Read More.